First Storm Year!

On Saturday morning before sunrise, December 16, 2006, six of us touched the Pacific Ocean and then turned around and ran to the top of Saddleback Mountain, completing the third annual Saltwater 5000.  This was a special year, and weather was definitely a factor.  The run began with a few sprinkles during the first 20 miles, with rain setting in after that along madjeska grade.  With temperatures plummeting as we neared the top, the rain turned to sleet, then hail, even a little snow at the summit.  

Temperatures ranged from the low 50's at the beach start to 32 degrees at the summit, with a wind chill far below that.  This was the first year we've run in storm conditions and it offered us a new perspective of the mountain and the trails along the way.  Somehow the bitter cold made the achievement of this year's journey a little sweeter. 

Thanks to the article in the OC Register, several people met us along the route to cheer us on, offering us hot coffee and bottled water.  Thanks guys!  Four of the original runners finished this years run, and two new runners joined us.  Of course this run would not be possible without the help of our road crew/mountain escorts.  From the drop off and photo's at the start, to the fuel stops at madjeska and the top of joplin, to the bike escort up madjeska, to the rendezvous at the summit, our support team was great.  Thanks so much guys and gals for all your help and support!